• Kristin

The Best Summer Cleanser For Clean, Supple Skin

During colder, drier weather I struggle to keep my dry skin hydrated. But during Georgia summers, the high temps and oppressive humidity make my skin very happy. Me--not so much. But I'm willing to take one for the team if my skin is glowing. I assume most of us switch up our skincare products when our skin changes, myself included. I recently bought the Gentle Matter cleanser from Klur, and it has become an instant favorite.

The Klur Gentle Matter cleanser has a non-foaming runny gel formula. It is incredibly gentle on my skin and never leaves it feeling stripped. My skin always feels clean and smooth after using this cleanser, and it looks supple and brighter. The ingredients list is impressive--aloe juice, green tea water, ginko, and olive oil are just a few. It is fragrance-free, PH friendly, and SLS free.

The Gentle Matter cleanser doesn't remove my waterproof mascara on the first try, so I would use some type of makeup remover beforehand. If I have been out all day in the elements (and wearing sunscreen and/or makeup), I use the Klur cleanser as my second cleanse--after an oil or balm. If I have been home all day or sometimes for my morning cleanse, I do a single cleanse using only Gentle Matter.

I'm so impressed with this cleanser that after using it twice, I went online and ordered the bigger size. I highly recommend trying it! The 60ml bottle costs $22 and the 100ml bottle is $40, and shipping on the site is $5.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments!